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Running to make a difference for the great citizens of District 26 A,
to be your voice in the Idaho House of Representatives. 



As our population has grown here in the valley so have our educational needs. I have met and will continue meeting with local school districts to see what can be done to meet those needs and work towards a solution.

How do we close the educational gap that was caused by COVID? Remote learning caused our children to fall behind in subjects across the board. We need to keep our children in the classroom because face-to-face learning is the key to our students’ long term success and health. Continued education, whether it be academic or technical, is essential for us and future generations. We are blessed to have the College of Southern Idaho to help students achieve their dreams.


Water is the life blood of our agriculture industry. We must continue to look at ways to conserve this vital resource. As fast as our state population is growing, we must make sure we will have enough water for both agriculture and residential use. I will fight to make sure we preserve Idaho’s water.  Idaho’s water rights must be protected and preserved for agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and our day-to-day needs. We must do everything possible to preserve water for our future generations.


As the Magic Valley has grown, so have our traffic needs. One of the solutions is to work towards building a third bridge to help ease traffic off the Perrine Bridge and give commuters an alternate route in and out of Twin Falls. By having the third bridge, it will help move commerce more smoothly and efficiently through the valley. I will work hard towards accomplishing this need.

Public Safety

Defend our Law Enforcement Officers not Defund. We must make sure our Law Enforcement Agencies are adequately staffed and funded. With the influx of illegal drugs that continue to flow into Southern Idaho, I will fight to make sure our police agencies have what they need to combat this issue.


Strong Faith, Strong Families, Strong Communities

Idaho Strong


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